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Robert Russell Rhodes House

This is a Unique example of Italian Villa architecture. Currently it is the home of the Cuyahoga County Archives, and is also currently a p...

St. Colman

In 1914, the St. Colman Church building was begun  and was completed in 1918 under the second Pastor, Fr. James O'Leary. Fr. O'Leary traveled to Ital...

One of the top 10 Public Places in US

On October 31, 2008, the American Planning Association presented Mayor Frank G. Jackson with a certificate designating the West Side Market as one of ...

House on Detroit Shoreway wins award

Robert Maschke Architects Inc., based in Cleveland, Ohio, received an Honor Award at the 2008 AIA / IIDA Annual Cleveland Design Awards Program. RMA e...

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XYZ the Tavern PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ronnie Arnett   
Sunday, 17 March 2013 07:50

Sandwiches From XYZ the TavernWhether you opt for dinner and cocktails before a performance at the Cleveland Public Theatre or would like a late-night drink and nibble before heading from a movie at the Capitol Theatre, XYZ the Tavern – located in the center of the historic Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square Park district of Cleveland - offers a fine collection of craft beers and bourbons, as well as an eclectic menu that is sure to please diners of all tastes and backgrounds.  For denizens of the Ohio City, Tremont, and Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square Park neighborhoods, the XYZ Tavern – in its nearly two years of being open - has easily established itself as a favorite hangout of the locals and a casual, but sophisticated alternative for a night out on the town.

The well known and respected business trio of Randy Kelly, LindaSyrek, and Alan Glazen – who also own the renowned ABC Tavern and now the Ontario Café downtown - have assembled “24 craft beers on tap, over 100 varieties of whiskey and bourbon, as well as delicious comfort food from scratch at an affordable price.”  In addition to the carefully assembled beer selections, bourbons, and the well-thought-out dishes on the menu, they have hired knowledgeable staff, like Harris Eide, who provide valuable and interesting insight into beer and food pairings.

Harris, our server last night, explained in detail how each beer related to the dishes we were being served.  My partners for dinner were Eugene McCormick of the Cleveland Leader, and Dennis Gartland of Net Advertising Group,  To get things started, Harris brought us a hearty portion XYZ’s House Made Chips with house made vegetable French Onion Dip which was nicely balanced by a sampling of Left Hand Polestar Pilsner.

The chips and dip were followed by Roasted Artichoke Dip with rye crisps, Broccoli Tempura with Siracha aioli, and a selection of just some of the many sandwiches available on the menu:  the XYZ Corned Beef Sandwich; Big Zac Burger, Smoked Salmon BLT, and the Turkey Avocado Wrap.   Because so many chain restaurants offer a weak version of artichoke dip, the bold flavor of the chunky artichokes, and the fact that I could actually taste the freshness of the spinach, was a pleasant and gratifying surprise.  The rye crisps were a perfect counterbalance of texture and flavor to the dip’s richness.  The broccoli tempura was not the skimpy quality found at every county fair and festival across Ohio, but large florets that maintained the deep green of the vegetable without being underdone or overly soggy and the Siracha aioli added a nice bite to the crispy tempura.  The sandwiches were nice twists on classics, such as adding salmon to a traditional BLT and spicing up the coolness of the turkey and avocado wrap.  The onion frizzles and Thousand Island dressing on the burger are signatures of both ABC and XYZ (and also one of my favorites).  Each course was accompanied by a craft brew selection:  Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye Ale; Revolution Coup D’Etat (great name); Angry Orchard Hard Cider; Boulder Mojo Risin IPA; Hoppin’ Frog Cleveland Crusher; and North Coast Le Merle Saison.  The Coup d’ Etat was one of my favorites for its “lighter, sweeter body,” which was how Harris described it for me.  “Revolution,” he said, “is my kind of brewery.”

The last course was dessert and a true treat: pineapple pound cake with strawberries and freshly whipped cream; and blueberry crème brulee.  Both deserts were, well, absolutely delicious!  The pound cake was moist without being soggy and the crème brulee had the perfect candy top with fresh custard and blueberries underneath.  Harris paired dessert with Hoppin Frog Cleveland Crusher, and explained how sweet goes with a bitter stout.  With unmistakable hints of coffee, it was a perfect combination to the dessert without adding caffeine to a late night out.  Linda explained to us that deserts will be constantly changing, so if the fresh pound cake and blueberry crème brulee appeal to your decadent side, then you had better get there soon.  In any case, XYZ’s chefs will have something mouthwatering to appease that sweet craving.  Dennis, Eugene, and I left XYZ fully satisfied and completely impressed.  Linda, Randy, and Alan have located the pulse of the Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square district and given the area precisely what it needs – good food, good prices, quality selections, and experienced staff, and all the while keeping in mind the area’s entertainment venues and that some people might want to keep the fun going a little later into the night.

XYZ’s menu has something for everyone, from mussels in white wine sauce, a gnocchi du jour, soba noodles to pizza by the “serious” slice.  And XYZ is a fun place, with an energetic and interesting staff, who are always willing to enhance an evening’s enjoyment of food and drinks with friends.  The XYZ serves food until 2:00 a.m., so long after other establishments have closed their doors and their staff have gone home, a good time can still be had at the XYZ Tavern, located at 6419 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland Ohio.

For additional information, go to


Special thanks to Linda, Randy, Alan, and Harris for a great night out.


Last Updated on Sunday, 17 March 2013 07:57
Meet Joey and Jesse: The Tree Advocates at PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zephylia K   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 09:01

One guy.  One borrowed chainsaw.  And one rented truck. 

That’s all it took for Joey Schossler to start his tree removal service four years ago. 

Today, this thriving business, now simply known as, is not just about clearing trees.  Schossler and his partner Jesse Muhlhan are environmentally friendly tree removal specialists, thanks to Schossler’s toddler son, Brady. 

When Brady was two, Schossler took him for a ride around on his bulldozer pushing trees over.  Brady simply told his dad that it wasn’t right to cut down so many trees.  This innocent comment altered Schossler’s way of thinking, so from that day forward, he pledged to plant a tree for every one that he removed. believes in trying to save trees as well.  They would rather transplant or relocate a tree, than simply cut it down.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 09:08
A&I Health Solutions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 01:17

In a time when you probably aren't at your best, you still want to deal with the best and know that you're going to get a quick ,clean and economical solution to a messy and potentially "Hazardous" problem. We hate to hear these words; mold, water damage, fire damage, asbestos. But at the same time there has to be a quick resolution to our problem that is only going to get a lot worse with time. Not one out of any of those little life curveballs can you afford to put off! "Let Our Family Help Your Family" is the company motto and core mission  that A & I Health Solutions lives by. A & I Health Solutions does inspections, abatement and consulting for your problems with mold, water damage, fire damage and asbestos. Yes, they are a local company and "Yes" they are focused on the well-being and health of our local area and its residents. You can reach A & I at one of these phone #'s depending on what area code you are calling from: 216-849-3464 , 440-258-4593, 330-957-4500 or call today Toll Free @: 888-258-2475 Their Mold Removal in Cleveland, Ohio Click Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 April 2013 12:32
Best City in the US PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dennis Gartland   
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 12:24
Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 April 2013 12:32
Proven Security Solutions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 00:39
Proven Security Solutions wants you to ask them about their nanny cams and all the other customized security solutions that they offer. They are a local company offering local service and local satisfaction at an unbeatable price and value. Proven Security Solutions wants to help the local area save money and get better service. More for your dollar, what a concept! Proven Security can also take care of all of your Home Theater needs along with any and all home or commercial security equipment, installation and monitoring. Contact the helpful people at Proven Security by calling 216 - 661 - 4079.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 01:57
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